Founded in 2011 by pro shooter Frank Garcia

Made in USA! Located in Frostproof, FL

On the grounds of Universal Shooting Academy

We use top quality components to craft our ammunition. With the current state of firearm related products and the political climate surrounding it finding ammunition at any price is proving difficult but we have been able to meet most of the demand. We supply competition ammunition to some of the top competitors in the world and we will not sacrifice quality. We are currently not advertising pricing as frankly our component prices are changing at such a rate that we would not be able to guarantee advertised prices for more than a week. Please contact us for pricing, or place and order and our team will contact you for quotes and payment info.

Message from founder Frank Garcia

Universal Ammo was created based on the demand for high quality competition ammunition. All major manufactures make the same calibers but the recipe they use does not meet the standards of high level competition shooters. Universal Ammo uses the recipes that have been proven on the competition circuit world wide by world class shooters like Manny Bragg, Ted Puente, Shannon Smith and myself. These personal recipes give an advantage to the shooter by maximizing accuracy, minimizing felt recoil, while meeting the power requirements of each game. Universal Ammo uses top quality components to assure perfection in the product and the highest standard of accuracy and performance available. Now shooters no longer have to reload their own ammunition to obtain a high standard of performance. Universal Ammo specializes in offering shooters custom loads at an affordable cost. If our standard high quality product does not meet your needs we can custom load to the shooters specifications. These are some of the reasons why Universal Ammo Company leads the way in world class competition.

How does Official Match Ammo work?

For USPSA, if you select “Official Match Ammo” from our order form you will then have the opportunity to select a match that the match will be used for. Once the order is placed and paid for we will ship the ammunition directly to the match contact per USPSA rules. You may pick up your match upon arriving at registration. No more worries about flying with ammo!! You may have our ammunition shipped directly to you and use it in whatever match you like but it will not be considered “Official” unless you have the ammo shipped directly from us to the match and follow the other criteria spelled out in the the link below.

Official Match Ammo rules may be found in USPSA Handgun Rules January 2008 Edition with amendments effective July 2010. Rule 5.8 and Appendix C3

Note Refund Policy – No refunds on Ammunition